About Us


To create an equitable space for freelancers to express their ideas and collaborate to co-create innovative solutions that are socially relevant and fosters sustainability.


All for one and one for all.

GyanTrek is conceived as a platform that provides freelancers a space to express their ideas and collaborate to 

co-create socially relevant, sustainable products that make our lives joyful.

GyanTrek also provides a platform for SME partners to work with freelance network to bring products to the market space. This is meant to connect the competent design resources and manufacturing community to improve the quality and range of products that can be made locally and make India self-reliant in high-tech product space.




I am Vijay Bolloju,  Power Electronics professional with 30+ years of working experience in various areas of the domain. During this journey, my roles spanned across Business Development, Product Definition, Design, Validation and Application Engineering. My career has traversed through the noble institutions like National Radio Electronics (NELCO), Mumbai, International Rectifier, Infineon and Rohm Semiconductor.

While at IR, I defined the world’s first trench MosFET platform and three other Generations of MosFETs thereafter.  Also defined and helped launch one of the world’s early Trench IGBT product portfolios. Designed and Developed Automotive and Industrial Modules in collaboration with major global OEMs.

I am working with Indian customers and OEMs for the past decade and been keenly following the market trends. The current market trends offer ample opportunities to think creatively and bring out innovative products to the market.

In my humble opinion, there is no better time for a Power Electronics professional to express their ideas and bring them to reality. The rising demand for Electric Vehicles, Renewable Energy systems, Energy Efficient appliances and Industry 4.0 automation opportunities present a wide canvas to create master pieces. On the device front, exciting new device technologies like GaN & SiC gives us powerful tools to push the boundaries and achieve performance metrics like never before.

I see numerous opportunities to contribute to the Indian ecosystem. Being a freelancer gives an open playing field and allows us to define our boundaries. Being part of a freelance community and co-creation opportunities it brings, multiplies our capabilities to create world class products to meet the market needs in the shortest possible time.

I always believed that there is strength in a community. Hence an idea has sprouted in mind to create a platform for freelancers to come together where they can bring their strengths and ideas to develop creative solutions for the problems, we face every day.